Nvida-detector crashing every time

Hey there. I have a really hard time with my nvidia drivers on Ubuntu-Budige. I am using Ubuntu Budgie for a long time now and it is rally the kind of distro I want to use every day. But after any bootup I get a error prompt which says that the nvidia-detector crashed.
In the Settings>About the Nvidia Driver I use is correctly showed. But I still have trouble with some Applications and specially at every bootup I get the error prompt.


I don’t now how t handle and fix this. And I tried a lot of things out. Nothings working so far. I can work with some Applications but it is not running as clean as it’s needed.
Thanks for any help I could get.

Please report a bug to launchpad:

ubuntu-bug ubuntu-drivers-common

How? I although always click on “Send” problem report.

Please copy-paste what I have highlighted into a terminal. Thx

You can also just clear down old crash reports:

sudo rm /var/crash/*

Yes I already do it every time.