Odd red circle on budgie, during start up


I’m not sure the deal sometimes after logging in I get this red pulsing corona for a few seconds. I’ve tried different monitors and video cards with the same result.

I think I had the issue with Ryzen APU, but also with a GTX2060 using Nvidia’s drivers. Any ideas?

Does it happen where the dock ( plank ) appear few moment later ?

Because it very much looks like the “pulsing dot” displayed by plank. If so, nothing to really worry about…

I have seen this as well on my Thinkpad. It appears to happen when the dock is hidden and there is an application that need attention. Probably a Plank issue or feature.

Any fix other than giving up on ubuntu budgie that anyone knows of?

As already suggested it may not be a bug but a feature : this is how the dock ( plank ) tries to catch your attention, if it’s in autohide mode furthermore.

If you don’t like it you can disable plank from “startup applications” in your settings. And rather have icon tasks list applet in a panel. And even have a panel in a dock like mode…

Or please better describe why you think this red dot is a bug ?

Thanks for that, it is just odd to me, as no other OS or desktop does this. If it’s indeed a feature, I’d love a radio button to turn it off…

It is because you are using autohide … to hide plank on login. The default is window dodge. Any option in plank preferences that makes plank visible during startup means that you will not see this notification.