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Opportunities link is broken


Clicking the Opportunities link at the bottom of the “Get Involved” page, takes you to: https://ubuntubudgie.org/opportunities, which doesn’t work. That page shows the following message: "
No route found for “GET /opportunities”"
I believe the correct link should be: “https://discourse.ubuntubudgie.org/c/Get-Involved

I hope I put this in the correct place. If not, please direct me to the right place for a bug report. Thank you.


Hi and welcome

thanks for mentioning this.

@bashfulrobot - please can you add a redirect for https://ubuntubudgie.org/opportunities to point to https://discourse.ubuntubudgie.org/c/Get-Involved?status=open thx


Is this the best place to report issues I’m seeing, or should I find another location? I’m finding other problems in the Welcome … app/package/program.


if its specific to welcome then best here https://github.com/ubuntubudgie/budgie-welcome

Since this is actually a website issue then here is fine.

Post here if you are unsure of where best to report stuff.

contributions to fix stuff is always welcome as well :wink:


Great, thank you.
I’m not sure how I can contribute, other than filing bugs that I find. If you can suggest how I can get started with contributing, I’m quite interested in doing so.
I’m just now learning git so I have a ways to go, but I appreciate any guidance you may have.


Bugs are great - as always pictures and full instructions on how to reproduce the issue are needed. Its always surprising when people just say “I have a bug” … but then don’t say what it is… and how to reproduce :slight_smile:

In terms of basic git handling - this is a good read https://guides.github.com/activities/hello-world/


Done boss. Let me know if you see anything funny. Off to bed! (almost 3 am here).

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