Perl often crashes


I only assume it’s related to Budgie since I don’t have those crashes on other 18.04 flavors…

I often have crashes for /usr/bin/perl ( two or three times by day )
…and I can’t see a pattern to trigger myself that crash. And to be honest I don’t know what perl does.

Before knocking upstream, what other information may I provide ?

Budgie doesn’t use Perl in anyway. None of the other applets use Perl.

I would just send the report to launchpad and when the automatic bug report screen appears just say that this happens a few times a day but it isn’t obvious why.

Ok !

As usual :

Thank you !

To whom it may concern

…in process.

Even if it’s not Budgie, thanks for posting Coeur-Noir! This has been bugging me too, but I’ve not been able to find other people with the problem. The crash report gives no hint of what causes it either.

I see that canonical have just tagged this with the xdg_screensaver package which is the generic screensaver helper packaged used by Ubuntu and most of the flavours.

So at least it is on the canonical Rader.