Repartitioning for 41 hours

Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to ask my question.

So I’m doing a new 18.04 install, selected advanced mode, and used the partitioning screen from within the install process. It’s been running, with constant hard drive access, for 41 hours so far.

Specifically, I had a 35gb / partition, a 5gb /swap, and the rest (Samsung 500gb SSD) to /home.

I changed / from 35 to 30g, deleted the /swap partition, leaving me with 10,279mb free. This happened quickly. Now I’m trying to give that freed up 10gb to the /home partition.

I’ve read that “expanding to the left” can be slow, but I’m at 41 hours so far, and it’s still chugging along!

Is this amount of time to wait normal, and is there any way I can via a terminal see what it is doing? I don’t want to kill it and potentially lost my /home partition.

Any advice/info would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

I think possibly that your post was truncated… Is all the information in there? It looks like we’re missing some of it.

Yeah it was, but updated it now.

Okay, first off no that time frame is definitely not normal. Second question, you do have a backup though correct? Because to me it sounds like something went sideways. But with that being said what happens if you hit Ctrl alt F1? Does that give you a terminal? And to get back to the GUI, Ctrl alt F7.

I do have a backup (Dejavu).

Ctrl+Alt+F2 takes me to a terminal tty2 and prompts me for ubuntu-budgie login.

Ctrl+Alt+F1 returns me to the GUI.

I was wondering if there’s any way of “seeing” what the partitioning software is doing, before trying to kill it?

Using Google as my friend where there were reports of gparted never completing the only way is to quit and see what recovers. You might have to recover what you can.

You have definitely done the right thing with the backup. If it’s just a data backup then you may have to do a complete hdd wipe and reinstall. If you are restoring Windows then you can use the restore disk you initially created or use the Windows recovery mode to restore.

Yeah, I had spent some time talking to our mutual friend, before posting here. :slight_smile:. Didn’t see any info on how long it should reasonably take, or if there was a way to monitor what the processing was doing, in a percentage done or error messages, sort of way.

I was hoping for some way of seeing the process’ status, before killing it or not, and also to verify what is a realistic maximum amount of time to wait to give the partitioning code time to finish, before interrupting.

First time I’ve ever had partitioning go bad, in either Windows, or Linux.

Just to follow up, I ended up hitting the ‘Quit’ button after 60 hours. It took a while, but was able to shutdown after that.

I wasn’t able to boot normally (grub wanted to repair), but I was able to access my /home partition and copy files, after booting via the USB stick and mounting the drive.

According to the Samsung drive app, the drive wrote out 1.5TB, which for a SSD made me cringe a bit.

I guess I’ll never know if I stopped normal operation that was just taking a huge amount of time, or stopped a bad process.

I believe it’s more so towards the bad process. For comparison if you extrapolate from my Baseline… My SSD is 256gb. Writing to the drive usually takes 10 minutes. Maybe 15.