"Show Activities" applet? Like popOS

Hello! Any chance we could see a “show activities” applet for Budgie?

I tried the popOS version, and while I thought it was great, I missed Budgie too much. :smiley: However, there was one thing I feel in love with and that I haven’t managed to get working in Ubuntu Budgie. It was the “Show Activities”. Which basically is like Mission Control on Mac, or as it works on Windows when you press WIN + Tab, instead of ALT+Tab.

Do you mean this?


Its our windows previews capability available in 19.10 - just look for “previews” in the menu and enable it.

Sorry. No, that is not really what I mean. It looks more like this:

So it goes into a different mode and I don’t have to hold alt+tab or such.

What exactly do you mean by “it goes into a different mode”.

Activities overview is a gnome shell function and I’m not aware of any Budgie applet that has the same capability.

Maybe xfdashboard is something similar which could work as a replacement?

Hmm. Never heard about that one. I will try and check it out. :slight_smile:

I just looked a bit into this (still haven’t tried to install it, so not sure if that will cause issues), and it looks like what I’m after. :slight_smile: Will see if I can get some time this week to test this.