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Show us your Budgie Desktop


It’s a work in progress, only started a hour or 2 ago on it and this is my first day actually using Budgie, the screenshot shows my up-time or in this case, total use time. Am making a Budgie theme for my TV computer, so it has some other styling then a typical desktop for this very reason. Right now it runs on my default (ancient) iMac for development purposes.

Second screenshot shows a white theme Tilix which works slightly better for a tv setup, at least on my screen. To recreate simply put light theme on Tilix, then as profile solarized light, change background to white with ~90% alpha.

Stuff used:
Cursor: Breeze (apt install breeze-cursor-theme)
Font: Roboto (apt install fonts-roboto)
Icons: Papirus (placeholder, haven’t really looked at icons much for this build yet)
GTK base: Lavender-Light-Compact (https://github.com/vinceliuice/Lavender-theme)
Wallpaper: Default, do a fresh install to get this amazing wallpaper, what could go wrong

Custom CSS
The GTK is just a baseline I used for the fact that it’s mostly white and thus easy to theme. The symbols and buttons are pretty much perfect for what I like and that saves me making a load of them in Inkscape, although I might scale them up a bit depending on how hard it is to see them from ~3meter.

Am fine with sharing code on it if requested, it’s nothing special so rather answer a question if you have one, so you can do it yourself instead of copy-pasta. Part of CSS (panels) visible in screenshot to help you along the way if it’s panels your after.





I recently came from Windows so I made the bottom panel look and behave similar. The System Monitor applet is probably my favorite, since you can add custom formatting and sensors (like GPU temperature).


2 hours after first install


@sothis6881 @mavask71 Love both of your wallpapers. Where’d you get them?


Man… idk anymore. lolol i kept it saved on my HD but i dont have link anymore… all i did was to search on Google for “mystic” and choosed color blue.


Theme: Pocillo
Widgets: Adapta-Nokto
Icons: Papirus Dark
Cursors: Breeze_Snow
Wallpaper: Variety Wallpaper Changer featuring Nature

Enjoying the aesthetics of Ubuntu Budgie and loving all the screenshots from others. Thank you guys for being such a friendly community. :slight_smile:


You got me !
Just duplicated your settings on my PC
Questions :
1- Widgets: Adapta-Nokto What does it do / how do we install that ?
2- Variety, are your experiencing memory leak ? how much MB of RAM he variety takes on your computer ?
3- How do you force Variety to use Nature picture ? I know we can use keywords for QUOTES but don’t know how to specify the category of what kind of pictures I want… The source yes, but no kind of pictures.


Lol, well the Widgets can be changed in ‘Budgie Desktop Settings’ and Adapta-Nokto should be included. Haven’t checked Variety for mem leaks but it seems to run smoothly when I added the ppa and installed slideshow next to it. The wallpaper I had really just came from Wallhaven when I added the keyword ‘Nature.’ I hope that helps and thank you for the kudos. I’m flattered that my desktop has inspired your own! :smiley:


My desktop. The conky setup is a rather utilitarian one which uses the Ubuntu font and Material colors. It can be found in my dotfiles repo on github.

Other information about the desktop is obviously found in neofetch. Only thing it doesn’t include is that my cursor is white-classicia++. Not sure where I found the wallpaper.


If you type in “red leaves” in the Wallhaven website with ‘people’ and ‘anime’ disabled, you should find the background. I constantly change mine with or without wallpaper changers but my favorite thing to do is make my OS look like nature. Natural backgrounds makes it feel more open. Thank you again for the compliment. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice conky setup :slightly_smiling_face:


Tks for making me discover Wallhaven !


What fonts are you using? Thinking of adopting them into my setup.


I used Lato on this one. I also recommend Nunito. It fits very good as well.



Here is my latest desktop. Been evolving it over time. This is a messy screenshot with both Transmission and Chromium open. I’m very humble and love the aesthetic ones others have posted! :slightly_smiling_face:

Theme: Adapta
Widgets: Adapta-Nokto
Icons: Papirus-Adapta-Nokto
Cursors: Breeze_Snow
Dark Theme
Top Panel Transparency: Dynamic
Top Panel Shadow: Off


I love your setup! How do you like the switch to Ubuntu from Windows? :slightly_smiling_face:


It is very nice. I’ve found a solid Linux replacement for nearly everything. And its so much faster!