Simon Voice recognition installation on UB

does anyone knows how to install this

I can’t find an easy way to make it work

With my problem with my wrist / hand this tool would be awsome for me !


I had a quick peek at it,
And at this point, no one had packaged it, and only source code is available. The other consideration is that it is only in a beta phase, so they will likely package later.

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They have older non beta version
Is it simple for me to install that ?

Tks !!! it’s a non UB issue but if i was able to make it work, would mean the world to mea ( damn wrist… been typing since I am 5 and I am 50… Dos, Windows, Mac, Commodre, Amiga, etc etc)

Well in theory, any version is possible, but the only method is to compile it at this point from source. You could reach out to the maintainers and see what their plan is for packaging the application up.

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Simon is a qt4 app. Those types of apps were dropped from debian and Ubuntu a year ago since qt4 is unmaintained and I imagine security vulnerable.

Seems like development of Simon is unfortunately very slow and whilst there are plans to move to a qt5 version not much progress has been made.

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Ok Tks !!!

Do you happen to know any alternatives to be able to use voice commands for controlling some functions of our desktop?