Sleep mode triggers after 30 seconds when at login screen


I’m having a weird issue. I’m on Ubuntu Budgie 18.04. When I boot up my laptop, if I don’t log in within 30 seconds, my laptop goes to sleep. It’s very strange! And, I’ll admit, inconvenient due to the fact that I keep my laptop docked across the room. Any advice on things to check? I couldn’t find anything related in the power options, nor in the slick greeter config app.


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very odd. Never seen this issue before :frowning:
Anything here that helps?

No. Those settings all seem related to display poweroff timeouts. My issue is that it’s actually going into sleep mode.

Same issue here.
My Dell laptop is attached to external monitors with lid closed.
After short time the monitors go black and i can’t wake the laptop anymore, only when not logging in immediately.
Need to hard shutdown my machine and boot again.