Smart card reader does't work

In Budgie 20.04 LTS smart card reader doesn’t work while in Ubuntu 20.0 LTS it works fine. I don’t understand if the problem is in the Budgie core or in Remmina (because I use it inside a Windows2008R2).

This is a device issue - so nothing specific to the budgie-desktop.

Its likely to be a package that Ubuntu ships with that we don’t.

Which package that is I can’t help with since we don’t have your reader to test with.

Hi, thanks for replying. It is true, it can be so. But I have tried with 3 different smart card readers and all work on Ubuntu but not on Budgie.

This ↑ is not clear : what are you using « inside » Win2008R2 ?

If your smart card reader is USB plugged, what is the output of
in Ubuntu20.04 and in Budgie20.04 ?