Software app : says quota limited connection, no update


discovering things in 20.04, sorry again.

Software app ( deb, not snap ) seems to complain about my connection, says it’s quota limited and therefore does not provide any update.

Of course my connection is not quota limited, as shown here :

Any idea ?


Or this?

Note. We don’t update UB via gnome-software.

We use the software updates option via the menu

more #996.

Err… doesn’t it look through the same repositories + snap plugin ?

Do you mean « update manager / gestionnaire de mise à jour » ?
This one only looks through APT/deb, right ?

So by default we have hidden the “updates” tab from GNOME Software - this is after various people reported during the 20.04 dev cycle that updating was acting very strange/didnt work as expected.

So I’m surprised you are seeing this “metered” issue - looking at that fedora report it says its a change in network-manager that is assuming you are on a metered connection - but its up to applications whether to take that hint and present it to its users.

Yes - Menu - Software Updater. It will check for updates in the deb repos.

Snaps take care of themselves - they auto-update.

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