Software installation options?

Sorry, I’m having a brain blank moment here. I have multiple machines running ubuntu Budgie. On one of them I needed to in a jam install updated versions of downloaded software. One was the ever aggravating zoom. Someone went to join a zoom meeting and it wouldn’t go without updating… that was one of them.

Anyways, this machine does not have the option upon clicking a download to just use “software installer” in the menu. The others do.

I am having a brain blank on what I didn’t do on this machine for that not to work on this machine? I thought it would come to me when the pressure of being in a jam on time was off. But it hasn’t.

I’m guessing you installed zoom from here

If linux zoom doesn’t support auto-updates then downloading and reinstalling the .deb should work

Yes, installing from the second link you posted when I click on download the dialog is different on this machine. It does not have the ‘software installer’ option there.

Screenshot from 2020-08-16 16-34-57

Just right click the .deb in nemo - choose open with and select the software installer option.

You can also install gdebi and install via that.

Thank you, doing that to remove something else and install the new version plugged it into the drop down menu when I went back to do another. I apparently installed something else another way and that option was lost and no longer (default).

I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t find and select it in the dropdown.

Nice to have that back. My kid kinda freaked out the other day when she hit that issue trying to join her meeting, and I scratched my head a minute, then jumped in the terminal and installed it lol.

After the meeting was over she was like that was cool and all, but what happens if it happens again and you aren’t there to type commands… lol.