[Suggestion] upgrades on lockscreen

I would like of the applet of the clock on desktop, ShowTime, in the lockscreen, it would be more beautiful. It just a suggestion

Hi and welcome!

excellent suggestion!

Budgie currently uses gnome-screensaver for the lockscreen. Basically gnome-screensaver will need to be reworked heavily to make something more beautiful.

Its something we would love to-do - its just a massive piece of work. Need someone inspiring to volunteer to make it happen.

oh, I understand how works for this hard job work really, but the effort is useful. Thank you !

And is too useful add a music player (if I remember this idea it’s similar of the cinnamon desktop). When you’re listening a player of any app of music, when you lock the screen, will show a player on a corner of the screen. Again, it’s just a suggestion