Testing 20.10 - only for the most adventurous


  • when hotplugging or hotunplugging an external monitor (secondary screen left of primary) to a laptop, after dynamic readjustment of the display setup, budgie left panel is fully extended vertically (i.e. into the top panel), I can’t see my top icon anymore. In other words, dynamic screen readjustments mess up budgie left panel config.

  • Option to maintain Raven on left side if a left panel is on automatic/intellihide. Currently, the behaviour is raven on left for fixed panel, on right for automatic/intellihide

  • Wobbly windows (absolutely love them)

  • Panel auto/intelli/hide in general (“between” two screens) should have a small and customizable hard resistance on panel position screen edge, to be able to trigger the panel more easily instead of having the cursor immediately on the other screen (Unity did that well).

  • With panel intellihide
    '- when maximizing a window on secondary screen (located left of primary), the left panel on primary screen should be visible (instead of hiding as the current behaviour)
    '- if the focus is on an unmaximized window on secondary screen (located left of primary) and a maximized window is open in primary screen, the left panel on primary screen should be autohiding until trigger. Current behaviour is that it appears (over the maximized window).
    '- These 2 issues do not occur with the automatic mode

  • With automatic panel mode
    '- The panel should be pushed away into autohide when a window gets close (works with intelligent auto hide)

It’s impossible not to get one of these issues depending on which mode you pick.


  • Ability to disable/enable applets (in budgie-desktop-settings) without losing position, config, etc… A glider similar to Gnome extensions, or a checkbox, whatever. If you reenable it, it comes back where it was. Currently, you can only add them or remove them.
  • Ability to customize colors of icon task list active/open apps color
  • Badges on icons in Icon Task List (Download progression in browser, Nemo transfer progression, number of emails unread in email-clients)
  • Pixel Saver should have the empty bits of the top bar “grabbable” in order to grab & release to an unmaximized window state. Same as Unite Gnome extension. Currently, you need to click on the window title to unmaximize it or on Supper + ctrl + arrow.
  • Pixel Saver should not be activated when maximizing a window in the non-primary screen (title bar is merger into primary screen top bar and your maximized window is left incomplete on secondary screen.

If some of these are bugs rather than wishes, please tell me where to introduce them and I would indulge gladly.

This is a known budgie issue that I’ve seen others mention before - not sure if its upstream - but should be.

This is an upstream wishitem

I really don’t!

This is an upstream wishitem

This is an upstream wishlist

This is an upstream wishitem

This is an upstream wish item

Guess this is a theme issue. If you are referring to something more dynamic then definitely an upstream wishitem.

Sounds like a nice idea. No idea how to implement that though.

Specific to PixelSaver - wishlist item and I encourage everyone to help here

Specific to PixelSaver - wishlist item and I encourage everyone to help here who has multiple monitors to test and develop with.

When you say “Upstream wishitem/wishlist”. Does that mean I have to report a proposal there?

And for Pixel Saver or Icon Task List, “wishlist item” is for here or I need to report it somewhere too?

From your reactions, since I’m quite new to the discourse forum (new user of the month btw :sunglasses:) I’m not sure what my next steps should be.

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Upstream is https://github.com/solus-project/budgie-desktop

You need to carefully check if your issues aren’t already covered by the outstanding issues there.

Our fork of Pixelsaver is here (the original maintainer no longer is a budgie user)… but note … the UB team are not doing enhancements… only ensuring that it compiles for each new distro version. this needs to come from the community

Following the raising of this topic .deb packages open via zip file manager by default we will now ship with a defaults file extension file - i.e. what app that should be opened when you double click a file e.g. file.txt should open with our default text editor GNOME edit.

This will resolve the raised issue of .deb files not opening in gnome-software by default.

This will also resolve picture based files (png/jpg etc) should be opened in our default viewer gthumb

We do need confirmation that our mapping of file extension types map and open correctly by our default apps. please help us to confirm this.

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Will it be a hard dependency for Budgie on Ubuntu or just a file installed when installing Ubuntu Budgie?

I wouldn’t want it to override one that already exists for example and change all my current default apps.

Anything local will always override a global setting such as this file

Does fixing some translation issues fit in here ?

One is about app-menu/parameters, the other’s about « disconnection » notification.

Fun fact, the « connection » notification is correctly displayed in my language.

…and a print screen key that does not get broken every now and then…

Translation issues can only be resolved by translators of the project in question.

As to print screen. I haven’t ever seen it broken. So a method to reproduce this is the only way to resolve.

Not really new → Screenshot shortcuts not working (by default?)

For some days or a couple of weeks, the print key does nothing on my UBudgie 20.04.

Well to be honest, most of the time it does nothing ( expected is : save full screenshot to folder ).

I’ve just noticed there were also settings for screenshot and keyboard under /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/media-keys/ that were different than in /com/solus-project/budgie-wm/ or Parameters/Keyboards.

It’s quite a pain to have to check 3 different places for just one feature…


Having same settings in these 3 places seem to fix my issue for the moment.

Another annoying thing is, for months / years maybe ? screenshot seems unable to apply dropped-shadow straight to a window, it adds twice a dozen pixels all around the targeted window. That did not and still does not happen in Unity 16.04. I’d expect something like :

grossly made in Gimp.

Yeah. Both are upstream budgie issues.

I have never understood why upstream insist on having the screenshot keys under the solus dconf umbrella. It just causes confusion all round.

Screenshot issue has always been an upstream issue. Again,this needs more work to make the screenshot app work correctly under budgie

“Samedi 1 août” in your clock applet feels completely weird as well by the way. “1er” would look better.

It’s like saying “Saturday one August” in English.

Never paid much attention to that, but you’re right.

I don’t know if that clock can handle some « exceptions » as in English - if I remind correctly - any day number is always ordinal ( 1st of month, 2nd of, 3rd, 4th and so on ) so it’s not written because it’s always like this ( c’est sous-entendu quoi, donc pas besoin de l’écrire ) ?

French may need one graphical exception for the first day of the month, 1er ( premier, first ) instead of 1 ( un, one ), where er are superscript/exponent, in any clock ( not only in applet ).
All other day numbers are all cardinal.

It’s a digital clock, just like your phone. So I see on my phone Mon, 3 Aug

Each language has its rules.

Maybe English has an official digital dictionary.

Digital or not, french date format implies 1er as shortner for «premier / first », « un / one » is never told neither read neither written in a date.

And my ( android ) phone read Samedi 1er Août 2020, as expected.

think we need a french speaking dev to look at the code here and help craft the correct rules.

ah no worries - found the rules here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13627308/add-st-nd-rd-and-th-ordinal-suffix-to-a-number

Raised this if anyone is interested in helping to implement https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras/issues/351

In german it is much easier: After every number you have to set a point “.”, like Montag 3. August


having about nothing to do, I’ve tried to install Budgie Groovy on a brand new VM provided bu a 50 Gb virtual disk.
First, I’ve noticed that pressing spacebar is useless and that iso seems to start as it does for uefi systems, nevertheless I’ve left vdisk partition table in “msdos” mode and noticed that installer creates anyway a grub partition and a EFI one without asking. Then as soon as it arrives to grub installation, it fails to install it.
I’ve re-done the job creating on disk a gpt partition table but the song remains the same [quotation needed :wink: ]: as soon as it comes to grub installation, it fails.
I’ve chosen to use the whole disk … etc, so maybe is something depending on my choice, I’ll give a try from “other” choice and partition VD by hand (I’ll let you know how it will go) but I’m asking myself (and asking you): if “uefi-like” setup is now a standard, what about older PCs?


[EDIT]: I’ve tried partitioning VD by hand: it asks for a EFI partition, regardless of partition table. This means, if I’ve correctly understood, that 20.04 is last Ubuntu release allowed on non-uefi PCs? What a pity!

What date is your daily iso? Yesterdays iso has an important fix to allow grub installs on a legacy bios (non uefi)