Tint2 task bar hugging Budgie panel working pretty well


I made this request that could make work more seemlessly:

There I went into a more detail describing the minor benefits this brings.

you can set budgie transparency how you want it using this tip:

also you guys like the komorebi wallpaper i made?
the fog moves

To be honest - I have my doubts that there is a use-case here for such a request that would be useful for users that are not using tint2.

the main use for it aside from alongside tint2 panel is if you like a large bar with bigger icons
other than that it would be minor at best.
it would need to be recommended with tint2 or offer a similar 2nd task panel to pair it with.

I imagine it would not be hard to implement just a small slide feature (sliding without displacing things); a small addition that adds a nice touch, as I would like the tint2 to appear in full when not hovering over either panel.
it mostly serves as a formal acknowledgement that this is one way people might want to consider setting things up as it works quite well.
tint2 is pretty awesome and with this sort of recognition might gain more contributions.

To be honest. This sort of thing will need to implemented by a member of the budgie desktop community. As I mentioned if there isn’t a big enough use case for the vanilla desktop then I cant see it being implemented by the current maintainers.