Triple Boot Ubuntu using Clover (Windows 10, MacOS & Ubuntu)

My PC currently has Windows 10 and Mac installed on separate hard drives with Clover bootloader managing the boot process. I’ve recently purchased a third hard drive to install Ubuntu onto it; however, I’m unsure what the best way is to proceed considering tutorials and threads for dual boot systems are far more common than triple boot systems with my configuration.

How should I install Ubuntu onto my third hard drive while ensuring I can pick between all three operating systems on Clover during the boot process?

I was considering unplugging all my other drives (Windows and Mac) and doing a “standard” install of Ubuntu, which would not affect my other drives; however, given my elementary knowledge of bootloaders etc. I wasn’t sure if Clover would be able to detect the drive after I reconnected the other two drives once installation of Ubuntu was complete. Note I’m flexible on using Clover to boot if there’s a superior and easier method.

P.S. I’ve already created a bootable USB.

This doesn’t help you direct, but I had too many issues with multi boot. I bought this diet my tower. Best purchase ever!

And while it supports 4 drives, you can just elect and swap drives as well.