Trouble installing UB - ? ? ? Error warning and freezes after Updates and other software menu

I am trying a dual boot installation of UB next to WIn 7 on an ASUS KV55.
When I try to install I get a ??? ??? warning after the Programs and other software menu and the installation freezes. When I quit the installer and try again I get an error that says ‘the application parted_server has stopped unexpectedly’, title: parted_server crashed with SIGABRT in pad_assert()
I tried different versions of Budgie and different flavors of Ubuntu, but none worked for me so far.Screenshot%20from%202018-07-17%2019-06-55

Any help is appreciated!

I restarted the system and tried again and it looks like the error I posted above does not occur during the installation process, but also when the installation program is not running.
Here’s a screenshot of the ? error.

Suggest via Windows check that you have the very latest bios firmware installed.

Try booting with nomodeset.

Also probably worth waiting until the 26th July when the 18.04.1 iso is available. This will have the very latest changes and maybe a fix has been made since the release in April.