Trouble opening KeepassX

I have just installed Budgie on my new desktop. I like to keep my passwords on a thumbdrive within a kdbx file. I can open the KeepassX password manager on my Budgie laptop with ease, but when I try and do this on my new desktop, it does not work. The path to my passwords file is: /media/myDesktop/Thumbdrive/System Volume Information/kdbx file. However, when I try to open it with KeepassX, and click on File System /media and try to open, I get “Could not read the contents of media” and “Error opening directory ‘/media’: Permission denied.” Can anyone please advise?

Works fine here. Your path seems very wrong. System Volume Information is a very special folder in the root of your disk. It should not contain user files.

System Volume Information is the folder on my thumbdrive in which the kdbx file is held. It works fine on my laptop.

Have just deleted the System Volume Information folder from the thumbdrive so it is now thumbdrive/kdbx file. It has made no difference.

Finally figured it out. It will work on KeePassXC only on the desktop. I can use it on KeePassX on the laptop.