UB slows down and freezes

I am having trouble with UB for about a week now.

Out of nowhere, after some time (an hour or two) using it at work, it gets slow and freezes.

If I am quick, I log out and back in, what solves the issue and the system continues working normally.

Any idea what’s going on or how I can start to solve the problem?


first the « material » things : fans, dirt, temperature, thermal paste, all these sorts of things.

If everything looks ok on this side, look system side for :
⋅ ram & cpu usage ( system-monitor, htop )
⋅ any hardware error ( dmesg )
⋅ state of your storage ( df -Th, df -i )
⋅ up-to-date system ( sudo apt update, sudo apt full-upgrade )
⋅ any scenario to reproduce the issue…

No crystal ball here :wink: so may you provide some info about your UB version and hardware ?

Thanks for replying … I have a new Asus Vivibook, with 19.10 running.

But the freezing hasn’t occurred again. It was probably a random event, so, I just might close the topic.

If it’s a « new » machine then might not be a material problem ( dirt & c° ).

In case of freezing, try to launch htop or monitor-system and see which programs eat ram or cpu.

Post here results of any suggested command.