Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 wallpaper contest

This image is from Japanese Photographer Eiji Ohashi. It’s my current background.

The image is available here.

Eiji Ohashi_Roadside Lights

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lovely picture. Unfortunately I don’t see a free license by the author thus we cannot accept this one into the contest.

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I am sharing an album of some of my photos which I consider “Wallpaper Worthy”, hence the name of the album.

I hope the link works for all, and feel free to use them as your own wallpaper! All are photos I have captured.

Here are the photos (G-Photos Shared album)

In case any photo is selected for the distro, I would re-share them with the watermark removed.

Comments are welcome!


Some really awsome wallpapers in there!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention…

Stunning - at this rate - we may have contest winners and entry numbers for both 20.04 & 20.10 !

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Wow those are awesome!!!
I’ve gotta start taking better pics and submit them :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much, everyone!
I have added a few more photos to the album.


original HD : 7680x4800 px

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I’m liking these: https://unsplash.com/images/nature/space

Unsplash do not publish under a recognised free license hence we cannot use any of their images.

Oh okay :frowning:
Ah well… Unsplash would be a great source

More pictures today, and some old ones I found.

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Sometimes it pays to always have a camera handy. :slight_smile:


Here are my submissions, all pictures taken by me.



Another Submission, taken by me.

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last submission from me (for today), by me.

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Really nice! Thanks for the entries.

Another one of mine I took visiting family in Harare, I was going to make the other one my last submission but I figured I would submit this one too.

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thanks! Johannesburg Airport in SA. Thought it was nice architecture.