UI Issue that's bothering me

Hi all. I’m having a minor UI issue that’s been bothering me and I haven’t been able to find a solution. Whenever I open the Bluetooth setting page, I see a non-moving loading icon next to the word Devices. It never goes away. Is this expected behavior? Is there an easy fix for this? I’m running the default theme.

Good question!

Can’t say that’s I have seen this - mainly because I dont spend an awful long time on the page before just closing it!

Since it appears to be an icon I wonder if switching to another icon theme via budgie desktop settings (e.g. adwaita) changes that?

I tried different icon themes but they all behave the same. I know this isn’t exact test but I’m going to an install using a VM to see if I can replicate this issue there.

Edit: Looks like it’s an issue with my install. The loading icon works fine on a fresh install.