Unable to see accessories on View by Category


Running Pocillo and Pocillo-Dark (Widgets) on 21.04, when on Grid view (see below) can see all accessories, but when on Catagory only getting like one entry

Have tried to reset desktop etc all that seems to do is put my taskbar back at the top etc, doesn’t alter the content of the various catagories, all the other catagories are fine so maybe cos its first in line ??? (just thoughts)

I seem to remember gnome menus have a file somewhere under .config that impact what you see.

Try first renaming that .config folder, logging out and logging in. It should get recreated with defaults.

Then you cam investigate further by moving stuff back from you renamed .config folder

Hi thanks for the reply and yes when i renamed the .config its reverted back to where it was, interestingly (or not) it only went like that after i installed some software speedcrunch calc in accessories, it also did the same thing on the system tools when i installed vmware, my concern now is, is it likely to be something specific that has set that off cos i have a lot of other apps which have config data in that folder and need to move it back in so to speak, but also is it then going to do this each time i install something (not something you can forsee obvs, but a PITA to be sure if so)

As I mentioned - if you can please do an investigation as to what file in .config is causing the issue then it will help to find out what is going on.