USB Logitech HeadSet sound not available after going into a VM

I very often use a VM for my wife works ( Windows VM with Oracle Virtual Box).
Budgie is the host

When closing the Windows 10 VM, the sound is not anymore on the headset but on the speaker and I can’t select anymore my Logithech USB headset.

I have to log out and back in and I now have 2 audio source ( Headeset and the normal audio card)

Is there a command I could use to trigger somekind of Refresh / rediscover of audio component ? Sometime it is not convenient for me to log out and back in ( loose several windows I had working on other stuff)

Problem solved
Simply had to release the USB Headset from the VM before closing it !

I believe they’re are two things to check here…

  1. sometimes I have to set the explicit audio device in system settings for some audio devices to work. Even at times within my audio application as well.
  2. double check that the audio devoiced are set to pass through to the VM itself.


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Glad you figured it out!!!

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