Using hot edges keeps freezing the application - 17.10

Hi there,

Does anyone else experience the issue I am trying to demonstrate in the video here -

I’ve seen it happen to Firefox and Document Viewer at random times but I am able to reproduce it quite frequently as well.

Basically the window just freezes when dragged to either of the hot edges instead of spreading itself half-screen. The only way to get rid of it afterwards is to close the application completely from, say, plank.

I am using the default theme from the Budgie Themes applet but it happens regardless what theme is applied.

The problem with this one is it can affect your workflow :slight_smile:

We think this is a graphics driver issue that affects a very small number of users. Unfortunately that means you.

The work around for 17.10 is to disable window animations via budgie settings

It is fixed in 18.04

Hey, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
Interesting as I was willing to have a bet with myself that it’s not graphics as I’m on Intel.

I can live with it until 18.04 :slight_smile: