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Volume up-down, calculator, ctr-ALTl T, windows key +A and more, not working anymore


I have this issue since two or three days, 17.10.


Hi @nroetert just adding a little more detail. In your case, this is the super key and your menu, correct (pulled from Telegram)? Or are you experiencing the same issues described in this thread?

What happens if you run:

gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings panel-main-menu

The super key is set in dconf, not in the keyboard shortcut settings.


Hey Dustin, the odd thing is that after a couple of shutdown/boot cycles in between working sessions the functionality came back. Not sure what changed, although I do check for and apply updates daily. Will let you know if anything changes.


How about my previous questions about if you’re behavior matches that described in this thread? Do the symptoms match up?


To be honest I only noticed the ‘super key’ not triggering the menu, I don’t use that man combinations, although I learned some interesting ones just reading this thread.


Can you post the output of the previous command I had sent? :slight_smile:


$ gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings panel-main-menu


@fossfreedom - any comments on this? I have hte same results, but my super key is working.


Mine has been working for the last couple of days too, like I mentioned a couple of days ago.
Not sure if that was the result of an update though.


Think it is time to dig in a little deeper - two logs that should be examined is the xorg.log and journalctl -ae --full / dmesg

Need to look at what is happening immediately after logon. Hopefully warnings/errors are listed as and when the window manager stuff is initialised.


Same thing for me, I don’t have the problem anymore… My be caused by one of the recent updates…


Sounds good. The first thing I’m going to double-check is pay attention to whether I’m still getting it. We have now had two reports that they are no longer experiencing the issue.


most keys(shortcuts) do not works anymore
Problem is back LOL
CTRL + ATL T ( Terminal )
Super key A ( Desktop ) , Super Key E for File Manger etc
Calculator key
When increasing Volume (sound) I don’t see the animation anymore ( sound level )

If You want me to try or test anything, let me know…



I can’t not change work Space anymore with the keyboard… Any advices will be appreciated

In case it help, I am setup to use Canonical Live Update


super key a ( Raven) or N ( Notification) works well

Super Key D Desktop, E ( terminal if I am not wrong) not working


weird, after some reboot some of my keys work and sometime not

I just rebooted and before, I could start the file manager with keyboard ( calculator etc), Super D ( desktop), see volume going up if pressing volume up and I just rebooted and they are not working anymore… No update between the two…
Just a reboot
I just rebooted a 2nd time and not they are back


Since installing the final release - I have not had this issue any more. (fresh install).


This morning, all keys are ok LOL
If it comes back to often, I will simply fresh install as you mentionned
Tks !


Exactly the same situation for me Super+A, +N, Brightness keys work fine.

Volume, Super+D does not.

But only sometimes. Other times everything works fine. I’m not sure what causes them to stop working.

Edit: I updated to 18.04, not a fresh install.


I’m on a fresh 18.04.

Shortcuts seem to work about half the time. Logging out then in is enough to break/fix them. They might work 5 logins in a row and then break, or vice versa.

Some shortcuts that do not work are:

  • Vol Up/down
  • Calculator
  • F12
  • Ctrl-Alt-Left/right
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del
  • Super-L
  • Ctrl-Alt-T

Some shortcuts that always work are:

  • Super-A/N
  • Super
  • Super Up/down/left/right
  • Ctl-Alt-Shift-Left/right
  • Alt-F2

Locking the screen doesn’t seem to affect things. I had a look at the logs but didn’t notice any likely culprits (not that I know what to look for) or any entries that only appeared when the shortcuts didn’t work.