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Volume up-down, calculator, ctr-ALTl T, windows key +A and more, not working anymore


I have two keyboard languages in my system (Japanese and Spanish), and I need them for my daily basis. The configuration will be messed up if I deselect iBus?


Yes, I think you will have problems with Japanese input without iBus.

This is not really a solution, just a workaround. I also need iBus and nohup budgie-wm --replace & does nothing for me.

This has been an intermittent problem for a long time, but seems to have resurfaced again for me in the last couple of days. None of my shortcuts work and (as of today) bizarrely some programs refuse to start (nemo, quotlibet, clementine, audacity). I may have to boot Solus to get anything done.


I’m having an odd issue with shortcuts, but I’m not sure if it’s related to this. After a minimal install of Ubuntu Budgie some shortcuts work and some don’t. For instance, I can use ctrl-alt-left/right to move to different workspaces, but Super-PageUp/Down (Move Workspace Up/Down) or a remapped Super-Shift-Left/Right (Move WIndow to Workspace Up/Down) does not work. Some custom keymappings work, for instance, I can explicitly move wondows to a workspace with Super-1/2/3/4. Curious if there are any suggestions to debug keymapping problems?


I just did this after the volume hotkeys stopped working on a fresh 18.04 install.
Worked a treat!