Wallstreet applet custom folder with whitespace

I have a folder of background images that I want to rotate through via wallstreet.

For historical reasons, that lives in a directory that gets automatically synced across multiple of my machines and the folder name has a white space in it: ~/Pictures/Background Images

I can obviously fix this on my end by using a folder without a white space in it (and I have confirmed it works fine then), but I noticed a curious behaviour of the file/folder picker in the wallstreet control tool.

When I navigate to the folder, it gets selected and stored as: /home/kai/Pictures/Background%20Images, using a %20 as the space indicator. The applet then doesn’t work and I have this in syslog:

wallstreet-autostart.desktop[24507]: Error opening directory “/home/kai/Pictures/Background%20Images”: No such file or directory

Access to the dir this way in a shell similarly fails:

$ ls /home/kai/Pictures/Background%20Images ls: cannot access '/home/kai/Pictures/Background%20Images': No such file or directory

The correct way to access the directory would be

$ ls /home/kai/Pictures/Background\ Images/

Ideally the folder picker from wallstreet would create this notation for a folder with a white space in its name instead, not sure if there’s a way to influence the behaviour of the picker UI somehow.

Please raise a bug report to allow us to rollout a fix in the future.

ubuntu-bug budgie-wallstreet


Hi @AgentK thanks for mentioning!
I just pushed a fix. It won’t be in the repos immediately though, since we’ve just had 22.04 release.