Why old laptop is snappier than newer one?

I have tested ubuntu budgie on 2 laptops, one is an old Fujitsu LH530 with only 2 GB ram and a cheap 60GB chinese BIWIN SSD, the other one is the one I am using right now, a Jumper ezbook 3 pro with 6, 6GB ram and 120GB ADATA X600 SSD.

The strange thing is that the old fujitsu LH530 is a bit more snappy than my exbook pro. The adata X600 is definitely faster than the 60GB BIWIN one, not only on benchmark scores , I installed the BIWIN ssd into my ezbook 3 pro and it turned out to be slower,this problem doesn’t exist in Windows 10, though.

Does it has anything to do with kernel or drivers?

EZbook 3 pro spec is as follow…

  • Screen Size: 13.3 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Chipset: Intel Celeron N3450 (Apollo Lake), 1.1 to 2.2GHz Quad-Core
  • GPU: Intel HD500
  • Memory :ram: 6gb LPDDR3 (1600 MHz)

please advise, thanks a lot.

I always got 3 kernels installed on my machines: the official Ubuntu one in the repos, then liquorix and xanmod.

You may want to give liquorix and xanmod a try. Things can either improve or not who knows?

I see, didn’t know about it… thanks for your prompt reply. I will give it a shot, since I am new to Ubunto, I will have to do a bit of research myself and try to figure it out first, this is the way to learn.

Thanks again

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quick google - your old fujitsu looks like an older generation i5 laptop.

Your ezbook is using a very much slower processor in comparison - it is built for power saving - not speed.

I think it is Intel I5-m450, it has lower passmark score than N3450, though.
I will learn about about changing linux kernals and see if it makes any difference first, thanks!

the other part that is worrying me is that you mentioned it is a “cheap chinese SSD” - I’m guessing this might have a special windows only driver to make it appear that it is faster than it really is - probably some sort of special caching mechanism.

the BIWIN 60GB is installed in the old Fujitsu, the newer and faster X600 120GB is installed in jumper ezbook 3 pro. when I installed the BIWIN in Jumper, it is slower.

this is why I was wondering if it has something to do with kernals or drivers.
If it is because N3450 is a crappy CPU, i will still use the jumper because the battery lasts quite long even if I connect it to my DIY external portable monitor.

if you have the same operating system in both computers then it would not be a kernel issue.

It is more likely that the jumper “bios” options is set up specifically for the x600 - again I guess caching settings that are not working correctly for the biwin.

I will play around with kernals first, it is no harm to learn more new things if I decide to convert to linux from windows.