Window Shuffler on solus?

Hey, I came over to solus land and after running kde for months I think I should try budgie again but window shuffler is essential for me to replace quarter tiling (ala kde). Is it possible to get it on solus budgie? I have budgie-extras from the repos installed but I don’t know how to activate window shuffler (or for that matter, window previews if anyone knows how)

Look in your menu - Shuffler Control and Previews Control

Wow - that was a fast response. Thank you, will test soon!
everything on this forum almost convinces me to come back to UB, but ubuntu is too slow (in terms of package releases) for me. I prefer rolling.

To be honest - I have no idea about what packages are available on Solus - but assuming budgie-extras has been packaged correctly and you have installed whatever the package name(s) in the Solus repo, those menu items will be available for you to enable and configure.

Okay so I did. Sadly I don’t have those items in my menu. I installed budgie-extras from the repo… It’s version 1.0.1 if that counts

Okay never mind. I looked at the package.yml build script and it seems that solus only has weathershow, quicknote, kangaroo in budgie-extras. Can I compile it from source?

Re window-shuffler

The dependencies and compilation instructions are on - sorry I can’t help further with instructions on Solus compilation - you may have to tweak stuff to fit where certain binaries are located on Solus.

Alternatively there maybe a github project floating around a non-official solus repos with all of this precompiled.

thanks! let me give it a shot

argh. i almost got it to build but

WARNING: glib-compile-resources failed to get dependencies for budgie-applications-menu/applications-menu/data/icons.gresource.xml:
Failed to open file “budgie-applications-menu/applications-menu/data/icons.gresource.xml”: No such file or directory

Use the release tarball.

The git master contains submodules that you need to separately initialise and update … plus it isnt stable and is subject to breakage.

thanks. in my case i was able to build the applets using the individual applet option.

so it’s built and enabled but the keyboard shortcut ctrl alt s does nothing. Maybe I’ll try removing this (if it’s possible) and switching to the tarball later…

you’ll need to compile budgie-extras-daemon as well since this is a prerequisite of shuffler

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alright, will do in the future, thanks for your help!

I got it compiled from source. Didn’t even realize they had that! Wow they have a lot of UB stuff. That’s neat, thanks a ton for it! I have a feeling I’m coming back to Ubuntu Budgie soon, as I’ve gotten bored of both solus and manjaro.

Btw you do know ubuntu can be a true rolling release as well?!

Yep, with “Rolling Rhino”. That’s the reason I’m coming back to Ubuntu Budgie!