Wrong window appearing from Plank

I’m not sure whether this is a UB or a Plank issue.

An application called VeroRoute has two windows normally showing, so Plank shows two dots. If I select a window from a different application the two windows disappear as expected. When I click on the icon on Plank the subsidiary window shows and I can’t make the main window appear from the Plank icon, even when I scroll on the icon only the subsidiary window will show. The only way to show it is to [Alt][Tab] through all windows until I get to it.

Sounds like an issue with veroroute. The programmer can turn off windows appearing in any dock so the subsidiary window should have this window hint.

subsidiary window should have this window hint” not sure what this means, if you can explain it I’ll ask VeroRoute to look into it.

The window that is not designated as the main window

I got that bit, it was more the “should have this window hint” that I didn’t understand.

All windows have extra info to describe how it should behave. That’s called a window hint

So the meaning is:
The subsidiary window should be told by the programmer by means of what is called a “window hint” that it is a subsidiary window not the main (or some other sort of) window.

Correct. Exactly that.

Thanks, I’ll refer it to VeroRoute. He seemed confident that he had got that sort of thing right, but we’ll see what he says.

It was a problem with VeroRoute and the way he was using Qt to open a dialogue. Understandable, I’ve used Qt and it’s hard work. Now fixed, as he has joined the problem panel to the main window - and as a bonus the application looks more professional.

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