Converting stock 20.04 to Budgie

I’ve got a new Lenovo that shipped with Ubuntu 20.04 on it and I’m wondering if there’s a way to add all the awesomeness of Ubuntu Budgie to it without reinstalling from scratch.

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Thanks! I really appreciate it.

To be honest reinstalling from scratch is a cleaner solution.

Just backup from /home/$USER
⋅ your whole visible personal data
some hidden config’ files and folders, only for your most used and favorite programs ( generally from ~/.my_app/, ~/.config/my_app/, ~/.local/share/my_app/ and ~/.cache/my_app/ )

Adding many desktop environments to one ×buntu installation is not without risks in the long run. Especially if you use those many DE from one and only one same $USER
→ this is the « best » way to ruin config’s of each installed DE…

×buntu are not really conceived with multi DE in mind. Hence the variants / flavors which fully integrate each a DE.

If you don’t want or can not fully re-install the system, be sure to dedicate a new user for the newly installed DE.

From your usual default Ubuntu create a new admin user. Then log out from this session.

On the login screen, switch to the new user, and for that new user, choose the budgie-desktop session.

From now on, always use the new user with budgie-desktop AND always use « older » user with ubuntu-desktop. NEVER mix users / sessions.

That should prevent most mismatch in DE’s config ( which are stored in the hidden files and folders of each respective /home/$USER )

An other option is installing another OS besides actual one, in its own partition of disc ( dual or multi boot ). Then at boot of the machine you’ll be able to choose which OS to launch.

Yeah, I can already see it’s going to be worth doing a fresh install. Things like scaling and some theming are off after adding the second DE.