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In all linux distribution I’ve never found the best (for me) email client Evolution: it’s small, light and fast, and full connected with Google world!

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Hi centoasa,
as far as I know, Evolution comes natively in Budgie; first picture is a screenshot from an original budgie 18.04 iso and second comes from my fully installed pc.
BTW, “small, light and fast” maybe is too much if applied to Evo: I’m using it both at home and on jobplace and I’m fully satisfied but I fear it isn’t nor small, neither light or fast! :roll_eyes:



In my version (and I believe in all of them) 19.04 natively there was only the horrible (for me) Geary
I always install evolution in all the distro I have tried, because in a flash I restore and find all the evolution settings. I find it the best email client! :grinning:

Right, sorry. I’ve right now checked: on 19.10 (so I can imagine on 19.04 too) Evolution is missing. My fault, obviously, since I’m using only LTS … let’s see if it will be on 20.04.

A little suggestion about backupping and restoring settings: It happened to me that a brand new installed Evolution refused to load a previously saved tar.gz. Since then I’maintaining a backup copy of everything stored into ~/.config/evolution and ~/.local/share/evolution (same story for Tomboy notes too).


never had any problems with old backups on new installations of evolution

@fossfreedom is it possible to replace Geary with Evolution? It’s much better. My only problem with Geary is when you batch delete messages, it throws an error :frowning:

you certainly can uninstall geary and install evolution.

Please report the batch delete bug for geary:

ubuntu-bug geary

Ok I will when i get home thx