Dual boot with chromium flex os

hi every body .i have a laptop and installed chrome flex os on it . :face_with_peeking_eye: because i need it for some work,and wanted to try the ubuntu budgie and since im not to familiar with partitioning i left it and installed lubuntu because it uses calamares installer that makes the job easy to install alongside systems .Now reading in the internet at ask ubuntu mostly, i see some commands sudo apt install budgie envirement etc stuff and i did it .everything works fine but its not the same .I mean it gives you the taste of budgie but its like u installed a fancy launcher in old hardware . so is it possible to migrate let say from lubuntu to ubuntu budgie via the terminal or take out (unistall} all the packages that come with lubuntu and keep a fresh ubuntu budgie .as i mentioned its important for me to keep chromeflex os and alongside i want to keep budgie, any script i can find just to clear everything if possible.thanks

I can’t help you with uninstalling the lubuntu apps.

In general - installing the package ubuntu-budgie-desktop followed by installing the welcome app should get you to a close approximation with the ubuntu budgie default install

sudo apt install ubuntu-budgie-desktop
snap install ubuntu-budgie-welcome --classic

The login screen we default to is slick-greeter - its a lightdm based greeter.

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