The UB SubReddit

Hi all. With the Discourse move, I was wondering if there are plans to update the subreddit. Can it be renamed UB from BR? Relaunched? Redirected here?

Unfortunately there is a “reddit squatter” - someone has grabbed the /r/ubuntubudgie subreddit.

Also reddit doesnt allow subreddit renames - nor are we allowed to pull back the UB subreddit to ourselves.

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I’m just curious because I don’t bother with Reddit anymore… How much traffic or activity do we even see there?

Btw, congrats @liari on being post one from the public. Hahaha

No stats that is available to me as the maintainer of budgie-remix. I do get the impression that it is fairly quiet. Most people hangout on /r/linux and /r/ubuntu

As @fossfreedom said, the subreddit is being held by a squatter. I’ve tried messaging him and requesting the help from reddit few months ago, but they still haven’t responded, thus the situation remains unsolved.