Ubuntu Budgie installer - what are the extras during install VS Budgie-Extras in Welcome screen?

When I install Budgie, at some point I can choose between Minimal/Normal and also select 2 options:

  1. download updates
  2. something like install 3rd party extras

When done and after the reboot, Budgie Welcome is shown and via Extras I can scroll down and … install extras! What are these extras versus the option during installation?

Also, what is the command that is being run? I would like to add this command to my post-install because I sometimes forget to select it in the Budgie Welcome screen.

the installer extras are primarily around firmware & drivers that have licensing issues that prevent direct package installation.

For example Broadcom drivers cannot be shipped as a binary - so the source is on the installer and is compiled by the installer as a kernel module.

Similarly, nvidia drivers cannot be pre-installed - so they are installed for you by the installer. The installer works out what the best driver is for your system and installs it.

… and so on for other license incumbant issues.

Budgie Welcome “extras” are application based - basically ubuntu-restricted-extras package.