18.04 Backports

Question: Does the ppa:ubuntubudgie/backports for 18.04 bring in the latest budgie desktop and applets?

It will do some time after the next release … in this case 18.10

So the policy is that new applets will be available immediately via backports since there is no impact on the release. Existing applets that have been upgraded in the next release will be available some time after the next release.

Similarly budgie desktop. We will wait until we are convinced all the issues have been resolved.

In essence stability is absolutely paramount and upgraded stuff needs to be well tested and rock solid before we make available to LTS users.

For interim users we are much more relaxed and we will make stuff available asap. This is because interim budgie users we find are more accepting of minor issues that you expect for these short term more cutting edge supported releases.

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Makes sense – thank you.

Any progress on backports?

We will have the first suite of testing packages for 18.04 & 18.10 that need further testing ready by the end of the week.

Once - and only when - we have positive confirmation by 2 or more people that all is well then we’ll release them to backports.

We’ll throw out a post when ready and will explain the backports process then.

How can I help you by testing the backports? :slight_smile:

@andigi89 see here: Help test the 18.10 version of budgie-desktop on 18.04

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@tartor thx for this link :slight_smile: