How updated is budgie desktop on a Ubuntu Budgie LTS release?

If upstream budgie release an update would it also come to Ubuntu Budgie LTS or it’ll stay on current major version?

As we have always done, major releases we always make available via our backports repository enabled through budgie-welcome - recommendations.

Hi @fossfreedom,

I’ve considered to move to Ubuntu Budgie for some time but was not sure about this, thanks for clearing this up for me, since budgie is a relatively young DE and still in a very active phase of developments.

Anyway, is that recommended and what most users do or it has considerable drawbacks in term of stability?

We have always followed that approach from the very early days - 16.04 we have repeatedly upgraded everyone.

Even since we became official in 17.04 - we have followed the same route - offering the latest available via backports.

We do try to ensure the same quality and stability via this method. The good thing is that if in the unlikely event you have an issue you can always just ppa-purge the backports repo and you will be left on the LTS version.

That is awesome!
Downloading the final beta now.