Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS Released!


Stable, polished, great product. Thanks to all the UB Team

Awesome! I’ve been updating all this time from the Focal Fossa build because I simply couldn’t wait for the new application launcher. Now that we’re here, should I keep my install, or reinstall a fresh .iso from scratch?

You will be ok to keep updating. We do know that lots of people who have helped out testing like to have a fresh clean install to get rid of workarounds etc that may have been done during the testing phase.

It’s really your decision!

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Great job guys!
I’m on 19.10 and i’d like to upgrade, but the following happens:

  • do-release-update -c
    No new releases
  • do-release-update -c -d
    New Release <<20.04>> available

Is it the expected behaviour?

yes - its expected. Canonical doesnt turn on the ability to upgrade from the previous release for a few days. This is because they need to balance the load on their servers

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Thank you team for an excellent release!! I’ve also been updating past few weeks from the build version and no issues faced so far!! It just works… I think Ill stick with this version…

I’m very excited to be able to use this new version of UB. When more or less the update notification of the new version was made ?

The notification usually will occur about a week after the release … Canonical do this to ensure the demand for the upgrade is staged so the servers aren’t overwhelmed by demand.

The above assumes you are on 19.10.

If you are on 18.04 the upgrade notification will occur late July/early August when 20.04.1 is released

When is 20.04 going to be available via Software Updater? Does anybody know?

see above - Its up to Canonical and when the demand on its servers reduces enough to allow 19.10 upgraders to update without issues.

What about if I use update-manager -c -d? Will that install without any problems or do you recommend to wait a while longer?

There are always teething issues with each release. So if you are not comfortable with resolving stuff, filing bug reports etc, then best wait. But if you are keen to get stuck in helping out then crack on with the upgrade


I will not be updating the rest of my machines to 20.04 until an annoying bug is fixed upstream that prevents launching the menu using the super key on other than primary keyboard layout.

I got a notification today saying:
Robert Mader commented:

This looks like a duplicate and just got fixed (coming with 3.36.2)

Will ubuntu budgie be updated to the 3.36.2 gnome stack to fix this bug?

Thanks in advance for answer.


We share the good work by all developers. It’s one repository. Thus, assuming that the fix is in mutter, we will inherit that fix.

Thanks for the prompt answer. I was looking forward to the new menu, but now I have to resort to Alt-F2 on the machine I updated :slight_smile:


Managed (finally) to upgrade from 19.10 yesterday, what a delightful and smooth experience, thanks to the UB team! :slight_smile:

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Hi, what download server do you use?

Whenever I do sudo do-release-upgrade, I get the the response No new release found

I’m trying to download from the Main server … is there any server that sends the upgrade earlier?

Canonical do things in phases - so groups of users are offered the upgrades … then the next group and so on. In that way they can track if any group or groups are having major issues and stop the rollout until its resolved.

So please just be patient … you’ll be eventually in a group that is offered the upgrade.