18.04.1 Ubuntu Budgie Release

Ubuntu Budgie is a proud official member of the @ubuntu community. We are pleased to join forces with our fellow flavours with the first point release of our 18.04 long-term support (LTS) release.

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Kudos to Ubuntu Budgie team!
Install took less than 7 minutes!
Has the welcome screen been done away with intentionally?

There is a known issue with welcome not displaying if you installed with autologin … and occasionally for a very small number of standard installs.

We spotted this during testing of these iso’s in the last day but obviously no time to fix. We’ll get this fixed for 18.10 and later for the 18.04.2 release.

It might be good to have that .2 update sooner than later.
Especially if you expect new or old users to try the flatpak and snap install features right off the bat.

The dot releases are dictated by the Ubuntu project, and are scheduled as thus. We actually cannot directly change the release date. The dot releases are synced across all official versions of Ubuntu (and flavors).

Congrats to the UB team! Amazing progress as always. UB is a joy to use.

I have a case where the content of the Budgie Welcome window is not displaying. I do not autologin. The links on the page, though invisible, function fine. I would take a screenshot of it, but apparently Screenshot is also not functioning.

just a white screen? You are running this in virtualbox? If so - it is a bug in virtualbox and some host graphics drivers. Workaround is to turn off 3D acceleration.

It is indeed VirtualBox, in this case. I’ve turned off 3D acceleration, and both Budgie Welcome and Screenshot are functioning as they should. Thank you for that quick spot and reply.