Congratulations to the Ubuntu Budgie team!

As I’m using 18.04 LTS today and while we all continue to look for any issues, I just wanted to congratulate all the folks behind Ubuntu Budgie and all of the Budgie folks upstream on this release, which if I recall is the first LTS of UB. This is the first time I as a user have tried betas of a distro leading up to a release to try to find bugs and I was impressed by all the devs, the community, and how stressful a process it seems for everyone behind the scenes.

Great job!


Thank you so much!! Thank you for testing through the milestones. We appreciate it.

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I agree, great team and great release! Congrats everyone :clap::+1:


It’s my intention to stay on 18.04 LTS on my daily driver (workstation) and laptop till the next release, but have a spare machine to test future releases on. I left Windows behind a long time ago and am now getting rid of my last work Mac to. Ubuntu Budgie (and Desktop Linux in general) has come a long way and I’m really enjoying it.


You guys rock so much, I made the switch from Manjaro Budgie just recently! Keep up the good work!