Ubuntu 18.10 released!




Congratulations to the UB team, a great release, professional and classy.

Wow! :slight_smile: congratulation for the current release :slight_smile:

Well done, guys.
Still on 18.04, but will try soon.

How does a person update from 18.04 to 18.10? Can it be done from within .04 and somehow keep everything set up?

…or from 18.10, what may we expect to land into 18.04LTS ? And eventually how ? Any ppa to enable ?

I will be creating a test PPA of the budgie desktop version used in 18.10. I need feedback as to what works and what doesn’t.

In terms of other stuff. Bunch of fixes to budgie applets in 18.10 are to be backported to 18.04

Fixes to pocillo gtk theme in 18.10 will be backported

The excellent folder colour pocillo icon work will also be backported.

You need to use update settings and choose to update from any version. This is covered in the release notes.

Nice ! And the new ones too ( trash ) ? When you say fixes you also mean enhancements ( grouping in icon tasks list ) ?

Nice too. You know I already tested it :wink:

Nice again. It actually works with Papirus icons theme.

…I can’t promise anything as I will be busy and busier for the weeks to come but I’d give feedback if possible !

Trash and other applets are already in backports. You can install via budgie welcome now.

Icon grouping and maybe other stuff we may backport to the budgie desktop in 18.04 repos. Or we may just drop all of the 18.10 budgie desktop in backports. This decision will be made once we get feedback from the test PPA.

More info when done. Taking a bit of time off first after the busy 18.10 release.

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And very well deserved, congrats to all !

Tremendous work! Still on 18.04 for now myself, but the effort put into 18.10 looks impressive. Well done as usual!

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The mug in the picture looks nice, its a shame its not in the shop :smiley:

With a sticker, The Ubuntu Budgie sticker :wink:

Which test PPA? I can throw this on my machines.