Ubuntu Budgie 23.10 now available

#ubuntubudgie 23.10 has now been released together with all the official #ubuntu flavours. Go grab!

As always - free to use thanks to the hundreds of people creating fantastic software. All we ask is to spread the news :grinning:


A brand new ISO utilising our very own budgie-desktop-installer. We are really pleased with this fantastic new way of installing budgie, working very closely with brilliant Canonical developers.

I’ll add this detail if users can’t seem to find the new Ubuntu Budgie 23.10 installer ISO.

In reference to [Announcement] Ubuntu Desktop 23.10 release image translation incident - now resolved - Desktop - Ubuntu Community Hub where you can get more details.

Shortly after release we identified hate speech from a malicious contributor in a specific set of translations of the Ubuntu Desktop installer UI and have taken immediate action. These translations are being removed and an updated ISO will be available to download once we have replaced the offending material.

It is important to note that these translations are not part of the Ubuntu Archive and we believe the incident is contained only to translations provided via a third party translation tool we use for a subset of applications.

The affected images that have been removed are Ubuntu Desktop 23.10, Ubuntu Budgie 23.10

When the replacement ISOs are available, you’ll be able to download and install them, but the legacy installer (ubiquity) can still be used right now - Ubuntu Budgie 23.10.1 (Mantic Minotaur) if you can’t wait :slight_smile:

Please note, any upgrades from 23.04 to 23.10 are not impacted by this issue (it’s specific to the installer if using a specific region/language).

If any corrections are required, @fossfreedom feel free to update/correct/remove as appropriate.

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Dear all

I am very satisfied with budgie 23.10. When you open the program software, it occasionally crashes. Have to log in and out again. Apologies for the bad translation
Greetings Sjaak

Please report a bug to launchpad

ubuntu-bug gnome-software

Any plans to update Budgie to 10.8.2 or will this version be released with Ubuntu Budgie 24.04? :blush:

10.8.2 is currently in 24.04

10.8.2 is bug fixes. Any high priority bug fixes have already been backported to Mantic (23.10).