Budgie 10.5.2 Released

Hey everyone, Joshua from the Solus team here.

Just wanted to announce the formal release of Budgie 10.5.2, which is jam packed full of new goodies and bug fixes, many of which have been gracious contributed by fine folks like @fossfreedom. Budgie 10.5.2 was truly a community effort and special thanks to all the fantastic translators of this release too!

I’m looking forward to seeing Budgie 10.5.2 shipping in Ubuntu Budgie in the future, as well as Ubuntu Budgie being able to ship Nemo as a first-class desktop icons citizen with integration right in Budgie Desktop Settings!

Release announcement: https://getsol.us/2020/12/02/budgie-10-5-2-released

P.S. Will happy to take questions but may be delayed since it’s also my birthday today, so I’ll be off celebrating not just the Budgie release but also that :smiley:


First off, happy birthday and thanks for all the work!

I’m pretty new here, but I appreciate all the efforts and the great and beautiful work :slight_smile:

However, I fail to upgrade Budgie to 10.5.2… could someone walk me through here?

Thanks in advance!

Hi tara,

once we have packaged up the release we will be putting out a notice for help to test - probably on this thread.

Many of the stability and crash issues indicated in the release note have already been backported to 20.04. 20.10 already has these in. All the sparkly stuff developed within the last 5 months will of course be in 21.04 - but we’ll make it available to 20.04 and 20.10 users as well.

Just keep an eye on this thread for further progress updates.