Budgie-desktop.org not accessible

Hi folks,

I was browsing Ubuntu flavours and followed the link from the Budgie about page to the Budgie Desktop web site, however budgie-desktop.org is refusing HTTPS connections. According to a few online “down detector” sites, it’s not just me. Thought I’d drop a note in case it’s “unscheduled” :wink:

The domain is no longer under the upstream Solus project control due to an ownership change. They are waiting for it to be released by the current owner and hope to grab it before someone nefarious does…!

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I’m sure there’s a joke about a budgie in a coal mine and I’m sure you’ve heard it already :wink:
Best of luck regaining ownership. Cheers.

There is anything we can do to help?

It is an upstream matter - Joshua Strobl is dealing with this and should be readily resolvable.

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