Ubuntu Budgie team meeting: 17 September 2023

The Ubuntu Budgie team meets once a month to discuss recent updates and what’s coming next for Ubuntu Budgie. Meeting notes from Ubuntu Budgie team meeting of 17 September 2023, 15:00 UTC.

Nikola (@GrindamN)

  • Nikola (@GrindamN) had a look at the Discourse-Wiki used by Ubuntu, and is wondering if it would be possible to use rest APIs to connect the two systems?
  • Nikola (@GrindamN) exploring alternative options for a Ubuntu Budgie Wiki system

David (@fossfreedom)

  • Budgie Desktop 10.8 is released on Debian and Ubuntu 23.10. Budgie upstream found issues with new features (menu, status notifier, notifications). Ubuntu Budgie does not use those upstream tools so we are not affected.
  • 10.9 is being worked on, there is no official release date yet. New Bluetooth, screenshot utility, applet and better integrations for the Budgie DE. All new applets and features are written with Wayland in mind, so when Wayland lands on Budgie, the experience should be good.
  • Wayland support targeted for 24.10.
  • Latest changes of New ISO upstream broke some features, so David (@fossfreedom) is sticking to an older version of the installer Snap that did not break. Legacy ISO is working fine.
  • Beta week starting 18 Sep 2023. Both ISOs need to be tested.
  • LTS Development cycle:
    • Aiming to make a decision to stick to a single ISO for 24.04. Hopefully this will be our new flutter GUI to subiquity installer.
    • David (@fossfreedom) would like to keep a single ISO with a checkbox to select minimal or full install. If the option goes away, we will choose a full install. What that full install looks like is up to us.
    • We need to decide if we want to use Ubuntu’s new software center or old software center for 24.04.
    • Desktop wallpaper competition should be run for our next LTS.

Sam (@samlane)

  • RPI Image works fine for 23.10.
  • Sam (@samlane) is playing with new image maker sent from Lukasz Zemczak:
    • figuring out how to add snaps in the seed
    • Mauro to check with Lukasz and then if we got his green light we can post on the Ubuntu discourse to gather flavour interest.

Mauro (@ilvipero)

  • Mauro (@ilvipero) would like to post meeting notes on the Ubuntu Budgie Discourse
  • Design and Logo. Mauro (@ilvipero) is aware of paid resources that can help Ubuntu Budgie with design, Logo, and brand. More info on this either on our next meeting or during the Ubuntu Summit.
  • Matrix. Mauro (@ilvipero) spent a considerable amount of time learning the ins and outs of Matrix, and would like to propose a test of a Ubuntu Budgie space, with rooms in it to potentially replace Slack. More FOSS and less trouble with messages and images being removed. Available integrations on Matrix:
    • RSS Feed
    • Github
    • Webooks (tested with google calendar and other pages)
    • Discourse (this is a discourse plugin actually, not a matrix plugin)
    • Etherpad and Ethersheet
    • Jitsi
    • TODO: Check if we can integrated Launchpad via webhooks. This would be useful to capture Bug reports on ubuntu budgie dev or ubuntu budgie remix.

Thanks all that managed to attend the monthly team meeting.
Next meeting: 15 October 2023 15:30 UTC

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