Ubuntu Budgie team meeting: 21 January 2024

Budgie Upstream

  • 10.9 to be released before the end of January. Last of the 10.x series.
  • New dependencies not on the Ubuntu archive.
  • libxfc4windowing Fossfreedom working with xubuntu
  • budgie-session (replacement for gnome-session) sitting on debian queue. Once debian publishes, it will be also be uploaded on the Ubuntu archive
  • Wayland version of Budgie time frame for 24.10.
  • Ubuntu Budgie Noble Numbat LTS
  • Ubuntu new Installer stable version for Ubuntu Budgie is now working. Snapcraft latest changes are affecting the edge version.
  • Technical Board voting on LTS status for flavours
  • Active Directory support for UB 24.04. To test before 3rd week of February.
  • Ubuntu Budgie LightDM AD login
  • Lollipop, our default audio player demoted to proposed, due to broken dependencies.
  • Rhythmbox is in Ubuntu Noble Numbat, we could keep it as a fallback


  • Nikola discussing Ubuntu Budgie wiki platform options
    • Docusaurus
    • readthedocs
    • docuwiki

24.04 wallpaper contest

  • Nikola mentioned he changed Discourse settings and we can now upload large size images.
  • Same rewards as 22.04
  • Marc to create a thumbnail for blog post.
  • Mauro to create discourse posts and sing on social media.
  • Dates to close the competition March 14 - 1 week before UI freeze (March 21)
  • Dates to announce winners - After the UI freeze (March 21)

RaspberryPI images

  • Sam Lane is working on RPI images.
  • Still having issues with the seeds

Next Meeting: 18 February 2024 16:30UTC