Ubuntu Budgie team meeting: 18 February 2024

24.04 release

  • 24.04 New Installer changes
    • Single snap for all flavours
    • Limited customization available
    • Flavour changes starting Feb 19
    • Challenges in customizations slideshow images and text
  • Release notes
    • Marc will produce release notes
    • We need something easy to read
    • Check info from the discourse posts
    • This needs to be done within one month
    • Link to the website
  • 24.04 backposts PPA to be tested

22.04.4 release happens next week

  • Testing looks good so far
  • Some flavours decided to add the firmware updater snap in their iso
    • David would like to add it to recommendations in budgie-welcome
    • Mauro agrees to add it to recommendations in budgie-welcome

Wallpaper contest

  • Solid submissions so far, posting on Social media to remind our users they can still submit images

Ubuntu Budgie shop

  • Unable to integrate with Open Collective
  • David to help linking accounts for payments
  • Nikola to have a look at the shop theming/customization

Wayland updates

  • Target end of August
  • WM and login manager being worked on

Next Meeting: 17 March 2024 16:30 UTC