Ubuntu Budgie team meeting: 26 November 2023

The Ubuntu Budgie team meets once a month to discuss recent updates and what’s coming next for Ubuntu Budgie. Meeting notes from Ubuntu Budgie team meeting of 26 November 2023, 15:30 UTC.

Moving to Matrix?

  • Ubuntu Budgie created a space and a few rooms on Matrix, the goal is to replace our private slack. @ilvipero proposed to use Matrix as primary chat software until our next Team meeting and make a decision as a team if formally moving to Matrix, or going back to Slack. The team unanimously accepted this plan.

Wallpaper competition for 24.04 LTS

  • @fossfreedom recalled some confusion and issues during last wallpaper competition caused by Discourse auto-resizing images
  • @GrindamN found a way to tweak image-related settings on our Discourse instance. He is going to run some tests on an unlisted thread and upload large pictures.
  • Ubuntu Budgie to decide prizes for wallpaper competition winners.

Merch Store

  • @ulfnic and @ilvipero to setup a new merchandise store and test merch quality. Focus must be on good merch quality, decent shipment costs, and ability to create vouchers for the store.
  • Ship a few t-shirts, stickers, and hats to team members and check quality.
  • Printful is a good merch provider, we then need to find a good store front end with a good business model.

Buddies of Budgie Upstream - Wayland

  • @fossfreedom mentioned that upstream is focused on Wayland implementation - MagpieWM. Currently not available as a PPA, must be compiled from source.
  • The plan is to take existing codebase and port it so it runs natively on Walyand, instead of relying on xWayland.
  • This is likely to land on 24.10.

Buddies of Budgie Upstream - Budgie 10.9

  • Tentative release date is either December or January

Challenges for LTS - budgie session

  • Gnome-session is making changes that will most likely break Budgie for 24.04. @fossfreedom Forked Gnome-session to Budgie-session.
  • Copyright statements are needed to have the package accepted in Debian. @ulfnic is going to help.

Timezone App for Matrix

  • @ulfnic to check in on options for a Timezone app

Thanks all that managed to attend the monthly team meeting.
Next Meeting: 14 January 2024 15:30UTC

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