What is the future of the Budgie desktop (site no longer active)


Love this integration, been using it for over a year now.
Shared the project with another, and notice the link to the budgie desktop site no longer works. Looks like the entire domain has been abandoned.


From the Solus project, it seems Budgie Desktop has been re-integrated under the solus project.

https://github.com/solus-project/budgie-desktop > "On May 20th 2018, the Budgie Desktop project merged back into the Solus Project umbrella, making it a distinct Solus project once more. "

So, basically, I am asking: What is the future of this integration. Is there a potential that Budgie will become to tightly coupled with Solus? Woudl there potentially be a fork, as Budgie might become to tightly integrated with Solus?

Thought on this appreciated

The domain is no longer under the upstream Solus project control due to an ownership change. They are waiting for it to be released by the current owner and hope to grab it before someone nefarious does…!

There currently isn’t any functionality that is Solus specific.

In the unlikely event there is - we would of course first raise the matter with upstream, propose or request an alternative resolution. In the highly unlikely circumstance this cannot be resolved we would patch out that issue.

Forks are of the last resort - no plans for us to-do so - I see no reason for even worrying about such a future action since Upstream have never coupled the desktop to just one distro nor ever proposed this.



Thanks for the feedback.

I was getting a bit concerned, as I did not want to go hunting for a new favourite favour of linux. Budgie works well for my needs.


Just to add to this thread. I was tweeting about the site, and @JoshStrobl had given a little more detail.

Yep! Unfortunately, we did not have access to the acc. which was used to purchase and renew the domain, so I was unable to renew it. I’ve bought http://budgie-desktop.com (not yet in use) but http://budgie-desktop.org, unfortunately, was grabbed and used for “parking”. - Joshua

So as David mentioned - would not sweat it. :+1:

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@ProxiBlue , in my random readings on Budgie i seem to remember that they (Solus) said they would make an effort to keep Budgie generic. Being aware of upstream users they want to make Budgie usage possible, i may even remember UbuntuBudgie being mentioned.
But beats me where i read this, sorry.

I wish until my casket - or the last nail hits my coffin - for bury.

I remember something like that too. There are a number of distros utilizing Budgies at this point:

  • Solus Budgie
  • Ubuntu Budgie
  • Manjaro Budgie
  • Reborn Budgie
  • Archman Budgie
  • Debian Budgie
  • Possibly Sparky Budgie

And that’s off the top of my head…

You can also Include Debian in that list. In fact @fossfreedom maintains those packages.

Antergos now also has Budgie as one of the DE options in their installer.

I believe the maintainer of that moved over to start the Reborn OS, with Budgie as one of the options.