19.10 Boot Time

I upgraded from 19.04 to 19.10 a couple days ago and the systems works cleanly and smoothly. Congratulations for this great work.

Before upgrading, though, I read on some place on the net that the boot time would be reduced considerably, was is definitely not the case for my Dell Inspiron Laptop. The boot time before upgrading has been some 80 seconds and continues exactly the same.

Is this expected?

Sounds like a continuation of your previous issue for 19.04 - any differences with the results you found?

Actually, no change.

When I run systemd-analyze blame, I get:

 Bootup is not yet finished 
Please try again later.
Hint: Use 'systemctl list-jobs' to see active jobs

Running systemctl list-jobs returns :

  1 graphical.target                     start waiting
 95 systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service start waiting
 89 system-getty.slice                   start waiting
 87 getty.target                         start waiting
 21 setvtrgb.service                     start waiting
112 plymouth-quit-wait.service           start running
 88 getty@tty1.service                   start waiting
  2 multi-user.target                    start waiting

Please can you run

ubuntu-bug systemd

This will report the issue to the systemd maintainers who can better advise you why those jobs are in the state they are.

Will do … thanks for your time.